Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cancer Study By Harvard University

This post will be quick & painless. I'm going to link you to a write up by PCRM on Harvard Universities' study on cancer.

LINK here. Click Here!

Just thought more people should know! If you're coming here to my blog, the least I can do is save your life. Or maybe someone you know can be helped by the information. There is tons more info on this online. If you want a something to watch try Forks Over Knives. I believe Netflix has it. If you rather more in depth you can read The China Study. I have read it myself, it's not a fun read, but it is for sure very enlightening.

If you need more information, please google it up. There's lots out there online. Lots of medical journals you could peruse.

<3 Heather :)

Lets Park My Volvo in Harvard Yard!

Over this past winter, my trusty rubber boots died a sad death. They were vegan & Target specials at that. Just cute black rubber boots with polka dots on them. I have had them for a number of years, I even had a nice lady on etsy handmake me some liners/socks for them. Her shop is called With the Rain and she ought to know, she lives in Alaska where it rains and snows a lot. They call rubber boots up there Saskatchewan Sneakers, muddy puddles anyone?

Above a photo of my Polka Dot boots from Target.

I even had a pair of metal spikes that I used to slide onto these boots for icy situations. These boots were hooked up. ;) But sadly, like everything else these days, they began to deteriorate and got holey. Once my feet my got wet, that was it. Time for new boots. I posted in one of the local vegan groups if folks knew where to get vegan shoes & boots. Sudo in Cambridge was mentioned and off we went on another roadtrip. (I live in the sticks, everywhere we go is a roadtrip, honestly)

These boots below are my Jambu boots that I got at Sudo. If you go to the link, there is a sideview pic.

These Jambu boots are the most comfy boots I have ever worn. AND they have heels even! This might be my favorite vegan purchase ever. I am very happy with them and since it's about six months after the purchase, I am still happy and they still look like the day they were purchased. I wore them all over the place too. Concerts, hiking, shopping, walking everywhere! They are amazingly comfy. I thought I didn't really need a second pair of boots, but I got a pair of Bogs too at Sudo. I am very very glad that I did! The Bogs are even tougher and good for serious hiking and walking on the ice and snow. We had a horrible winter last year. It just wouldn't quit. Both boots were worn so many times. I really feel I can highly reccomend them both. I could get away wearing nothing on my feet with the Bogs. Just naked feet and boots. They are temp rated to -40*F. Incredibly warm. With socks your feet get crazy hot! With tights or thinner socks, they are perfect. I'm one of those people that cannot stand having chilly feet. While they do tend to be hot inside the boots, I'm a happy camper. HEAT is your friend in the winter around here. When walking around in them, I feel like I'm melting the ice! Take that SNOW! Take that ICE! Be gone rain! (I'm a warm weather bird stuck in a frozen wasteland!) I even toured a couple of greenhouses in Connecticut and in Littleton and the boots were perfect in both places.

The Bogs, they come in all kinds of colors. I got mine in black.

Sudo itself is a great little shop. So cute and in a convenient location, located right across the street from Veggie Galaxy. Also Practically right across the street from this famous place.

But as of last week, I heard they had finished their website and you can now order from them online & not even leave your house. Handy if we have another winter like last years! UGH!

BAH HUMBUG @ Winter!

Not looking forwards to winter! At least with these boots, I will be warm & have a spring still in my step! <3 Heather :)

Tapioca is Boring!

Most summer mornings, and even now into the fall I've been eating 1/2 a watermelon for breakfast. I'm not a canteloupe person, just watermelon. All kinds of watermelon seedless or non, it matters not. I adore watermelon and never get tired of the sweet taste for breakfast. Today I woke up thinking about banana pudding. I also love having chopped up fruit, nuts, seeds, berries in a bowl with some banana mylk poured over the top. Banana mylk is one or two bananas in the blender with a little cinnamon, water, vanilla bean scrapings if you wish. Anything to make it seem more milk-like. Sometimes some coconut sugar is another nice addition. I add whatever I have to mine. But today I wanted it thicker. More like pudding. So I also added a couple of dates & some chia seeds. Instant raw tapioca! Could eat this all day long!

This pudding is so simple! You can add in all kinds of different things to 'spice' it up. Cacao, carob, pomegranite powder, Maca powder etc.. so many things. Sometimes I like pink banana mylk and will add in a couple berries to the blender. It's one really great way to get a lot of bananas into you in one sitting without being banana like at all. Today I used chopped apple, raw pecans, blackberries, and rasperries with the banana-date-cinnamon-water-chia seeds poured over the top. It was sooooo yummy & filling too! Being raw vegan isn't about restriction for me, it's about finding a different way to health. Bananas are super yummy & good for the mood too. Find yourself grumpy a lot? Bananas help with that!

Below Photo, some of my past Banana puddings. One with Granny Smith Apple, one with strawberries, one with raspberries...

Speaking of bananas, a macro photo I took of a banana leaf at Logee's in Danielson CT.

Something else I've been doing a lot lately is doting on my plants. I started with a Meyer Lemon tree promptly killed it, then replaced it with about a 100 more citrus trees & tropical trees too. I even got yes, a banana tree. I got a banana tree (technically, not a tree, but a grass) and a Passiflora Incarnata Maypop Vine for my Birthday in July.

Now most banana trees are gigantic, but not the one I picked out. Mine is Super Dwarf Cavendish (Musa Acuminata) so it stays pretty small. It will flower and fruit once, then put out a pup and a new tree-flower-fruit will grow from that pup. So really just a small hand of bananas and then time to begin again. Should be pretty fun to watch though.

Not that I am short on fun! This is my yard from the past summer. FILLED with my tropicals & citrus trees.

Pardon the cellphone photo, all my trees recently had to come inside. It was getting too chilly for them outside overnight. Most can handle overnight temps (32*F) probably well into fall, but that's "handle" or on the way to going dormant. According to legend, it's much hotter still in Italy and Florida and other places that have citrus. So I brought them inside to keep summer going for them a little bit longer.

Thanks for stopping by! --Heather :)

Monday, October 5, 2015

It's a little Chilli tonight!

So I made myself some raw, chilli for dinner cause I wasn't cold enough out here in New England. ;) Actually it didn't make me cold eating it. I warmed it slightly to room temp sitting on the counter. Plus I added cayenne pepper and when you drink or eat things with cayenne in them, you feel magically warmer. I am trying to do a juice feast. I'd LOVE to do 60 days or even a 100 days, but it's hard to do when you're the mother of three vegan kidlings who want pumpkin pie for a snack. So it's a juice feast with some raw food too. Easy to digest, plenty of nutrition. Simple to do, cause when you're hungry, and good smells are wafting from the cooling pumpkin pie on the counter. You better get filled up fast, so you don't succumb to the temptation!

I used three kinds of tomatoes and red bell pepper too. A dash of cayenne, a little chilli powder and 1/2 of an onion. You could also add some garlic (keeps the illnesses & Vampires away) and or sun dried tomatoes or both! I also added chopped up grape tomatoes & some avocado chunked up.

The making of the chilli was almost as easy as the eating of the chilli. First I found the tomatoes. I used a mix of tomatoes. Roma, a yellow brandywine, red bell pepper, and some vine ripened tomatoes. One 1/2 of a white onion too. Put everything in the blender. Use a tiny bit of water if your blender needs it. I didn't really need the water, my blender just pummeled the maters. Then I added spices, Cayenne, Pink Himalayan Salt, and Chilli Powder to taste. Blended some more. Poured the chilli out of the blender into my bowl. The leftover chilli that didn't fit into my bowl went into a pan to make heated chilli for the kids & hubby. You could also freeze it for later or for other folks wishing to try raw chilli. I chopped up a box of grape tomatoes & placed them in my bowl, along with chopped up avocado and some more of the red bell pepper. Then I let it sit on the warm counter for a little while. I wish I had some raw bread to have with it, but the avocadoes chopped up in there made it very very filling. YUM! It was very good. I will definitely make it again. Next time I will add some sundried tomatoes tho. Even maybe just as a garnish.

Thank you for looking, Heather :)

Friday, October 2, 2015

Hopefully I'm Wrong...

Or the FDA doesn't allow this.. or they at least give options for non-crabby Bananas. I mean what about the people that are allergic to shellfish (waves hello!!) I mean really?? Do they even science?? I buy bananas by the box.. what gives?? Now I am gonna have to find a totally different fruit! YUCK! Bananas have peels, chemicals can get into the flesh of the bananas through it's pores... you know just like our pores in our skin.

Personally if you really have a problem with your bananas ripening too quickly, then you're not eating them fast enough!! Eat them today!! Also I did verify this. Here and here. Just horkalicious! Way to go! Put crabs on bananas, just so hork.

--Heather :(

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Merchants of Doubt, a Free Public Screening!

Because I blog, I am on several Vegan mailing lists. Western, MA, Central Ma, and Boston too. Just got this one this morning and figured I'd post it in a couple of spots & blog it here. Steve's email follows after the image below that he sent over. Hope folks can make it! --Heather :)

Greetings -

"Merchants of Doubt," being shown Sept 29 at 7pm in Worc State University - Ghosh Building Room 102, (For Free) will not only make you cringe over how manipulated your mind is, but it will also motivate you to make a better future for yourself, the environment, and for animals.

A discussion will follow for those who want to participate.

Please find the movie flyer attached. Feel free to invite others.

See you there, if you can make it.

Steve Baer




Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Will Travel for Vegan Food!

A couple of weekends ago, we took off for a roadtrip. We drove rte 9 the whole way into Belchertown, Amherst and into NoHo, Northampton, rather. Our destination was Cafe-Evolution in Florence. On the way by, we saw a couple of cool sculptures at this SAAB mechanic's shop in Belchertown.

This sculpture above is a Sonett III from 1974 at best guess. I almost bought one of these, years ago. It's actually the car cut in half lengthwise and added to the building. It's really cool. Some of the other vehicles on the building are a 9000 rear bumper. I believe the front bumper also in this pic is a 900, hubby thinks 9000. It was a complete fluke that we found this place. Didn't know it existed till we happened by it, but where else would one be, but on rte 9?? ;) (all SAAB models have the number 9 in them, IE: 90, 99, 900, 9-5 etc)

Even the SAAB sign is cool! There are some other various signs and SAAB memorabilia in the windows. I think even a VOLVO sign or two. We have two SAABs and one Volvo. Hubby was all leather, motorcycles, race cars, and black jeans when he met me. I was all nerdy and driving an ancient and creaky SAAB. We have rubbed off on each other over the years. He drives a SAAB now and I go to Metal Shows with him.

My GPS app in my phone took us into Amherst for some reason, and sent us down a side road telling us the bakery was right there! Well no, it's in another entirely different town, maybe it was user error, (most likely) but maybe not, just in case, it's in Florence, Mass. Not in Amherst MA. We had a nice little drive around in Amherst though. It's beautiful there. Lovely streets and I do believe there are vegan eateries here too. Have to make plans for a return trip soon.

Once we found our way, we found the bakery and went in. It's a warm, friendly, colorful place! The kids found the toys right away & we had to drag them away, temporarily, in order to look at the menu and choose their food. Two kids shared a plate of loaded nachos. My eldest son chose a cream cheese bagel. Haven't had a vegan bagel since?? I don't think we have ever had a vegan bagel, except when I made bagels in a donut pan here at the house. Hubby got a monster burrito, I got a yummy salad and tried to keep it raw at least until dessert. ;) It's such a lovely place, I know we will head back again very soon! One of my fav parts of the place is the artwork on the walls. They had polaroids all placed together to make a larger photo. Neat!

And cupcakes! Don't forget this place has cupcakes! This is chocolate sauce on raspberry frosting on a chocolate chip cupcake--to die for good! We got a couple of other cupcakes too. Liam the eldest got a HUGE chocolate chip cookie & he really enjoyed it. He tried to eat the whole thing, but managed to save some of it for breakfast the next day.

Everything was perfect about our meal & our trip. Going home was much quicker, since we now know the way. The only regret is not asking if we could get vegan bagels to go!